img_9606Hello. My name is Dawn Lowe, and I started Brilliant Flash Fiction five years ago with my niece, Laurie Scavo. Brilliant Flash Fiction is an international online literary journal.

Back in 2014, Laurie and I had just survived a series of personal tragedies and wanted to build something good together.

We knew the internet was overpopulated with journals demanding money from writers—in the form of contest entry fees or “reading fees”—and many of these journals would simply disappear after collecting large sums of money.

At Brilliant Flash Fiction, we never charge any fees. We treat writers with dignity, and we’ve created a quality product at brilliantflashfiction.com, illustrated with Laurie’s dazzling photography. We’ve published hundreds of stories and conducted writing contests that have generated over 3,000 international entries.

In January 2015, Ed Higgins contacted us and said he was so impressed with what we were doing that he wanted to become an assistant editor at Brilliant Flash Fiction. Ed is Professor Emeritus and Lifetime Writer in Residence at Georgefox University in Oregon. (I am a retired journalist with a Master’s Degree in English Language Teaching; Laurie is a photojournalist with a degree in English literature. Laurie and I are both Colorado natives and CSU graduates.)

Ed, Laurie, and I are all writers who understand what it’s like to submit your work to a literary journal, wait forever for a response, and—if you’re lucky—have your story published without payment.

At Brilliant Flash Fiction, we’re celebrating our fifth anniversary by establishing ourselves as a nonprofit organization passionate about quality flash fiction—stories told in 1,000 words or less.

This year we want to publish an anthology featuring the best of Brilliant Flash Fiction, and celebrate it with an event worthy of a five-year anthology.

However, we need funding to make these dreams come true.

Our staff works without pay. Brilliant Flash Fiction receives no money from subscriptions or advertising—and so we are reaching out to writers, readers, and lovers of flash fiction to lend us their financial support.

I honestly believe that you’re supporting a worthy cause: Publication of short literary fiction gems that might otherwise have remained buried.

Thank you in advance for your donation. You can donate via the link on the right column of our website or HERE. And please spread the word!

We promise to make you proud of your investment.