ISSUE 37: March 2023 (9 Stories)
A Bottle Cap – Sean Burke
Yasmin – Lucy Hooft
Across the Bay – Bayveen O’Connell
Where the Light Killed the Stars – Aston Lester
On Hold – Jennifer Lai
They Will Feel Lucky – Slawka G. Scarso
To the Sword-Swallowing Woman in Uranus, Missouri– Leah Mueller
Constant Vigilance – Matt Goldberg
Four Square and Ray-Ban – Rashmi Agrawal

ISSUE 36: January 2023 (10 Stories)
We’ve Always Been Dying to Dance – Kate Axeford
The Rocket Man – Lorette C. Luzajic
Three Pearls – Jackie Morris
Shrinkwrapped – Carolyn R. Russell
A Good Boy – Michael Pikna
The Mystery of the Old Clock – Roberta Beary
A Flight of Curlews Swooping Down on Lavender – Anthony Kane Evans
Vapors – Mary B. Sellers
Surrogates – Gary Fincke
THRESHOLD – Salvatore Difalco

ISSUE 35: September 2022 (10 Stories)
Real People – Michael Harper
Missing Pieces – Joe Baumann
That’s What Friends Are For – Danny Riordan
The grains, the lumps, and the glitter – Barbara Kurzak
You Never Get a Second Chance … – Mary Sloat
Fifty-Fifty – John Salter
Bread and Butter – Abha Iyengar
Infinity – Emma Louise Gill
Fish Woman Sea – CJ Erick

ISSUE 34: June 2022 (10 Stories)
Gorilla vs Dogs – David M. Rubin
Brown Bear, Brown Bear – Lauren Voeltz
Good Neighbours – Tim Frank
Far Enough – Sai Shriram
Act One, Scene Five – Rajiv Moté
My Whole Life – Elizabeth Kerlikowske
Love – Ernesto B. Reyes
WHISKEY – Sam Selvaggio
HOCKEY NIGHT, 1953– Debra Bennett
Wherein the Labyrinth the Fridge Lie – Nic Arico

ISSUE 33: March 2022 (9 Stories)
The Florist – Jessika Grewe Glover
Marcel – Wim Hylen
This Tiny Thing That’s Probably Not Important But Might Be – Annabel White
Go to Sleep Little Baby – Lindsey Harrington
The Matter of Dreams – Simon J. Plant
Waiting for Liftoff – Roberta Beary
Everything Is Going to Be Okay – Daniel DeRock
AWOL, 1972 – Helen Sinoradzki
SARAH PSILOCYBIN – Salvatore Difalco

ISSUE 32: January 2022 (10 Stories)
Men I Have Given a Fish – Rachel Rodman
Traditions – Fabiana Martinez
Anywhere But Home – Bruce Johnson
Even the Birds Were Silent – Adina Davis
To Springfield With Love – Peter Klein
Ganges – Nisha Shirali
MATCHBOX – Pamela Gwyn Kripke
BREAKFAST AT THE LAKE – Patience Mackarness
Legs – David Henson
Buck Teeth – Veronique Aglat

ISSUE 31: SEPTEMBER 2021 (9 Stories)
Echoes – Filip Wiltgren
THE FRIEND – Belinda Whitney
HEALTH CLASS – Quinn Forlini
The God Next Door – Cade Hagen
Prodigal – Martin Penman
Bones of You – Sage Tyrtle
EVP Session #454– T.J. Fier
BODY DONOR – Jonathan Worlde
The Rise of the Mariner’s Star – Lisa Fox

ISSUE 30: JUNE 2021 (10 Stories)
The Whale – Andrew Kozma
Watermelon Days – Mary Beth Hines
No Knees – Ben Umayam
GRAND EXIT – Alyssa Kagel
Watch – Leslie Anne Mcilroy
A Ruse on the Altar of Heaven – Thomas Broderick
CACHE OF TEETH – Salvatore Difalco
When the Wind Is Southerly – Kaylor Jones
You Butter Believe It – Douglas DiCicco
Lucky 7s – Paul Lamar

ISSUE 29: MARCH 2021 (9 Stories)
Footprints in Fine White Ash– Michael Kozart
Arabella – Carol McGill
Life Lessons – Anne Anthony
Flickering Paradigms – James W. Davidson, Jr.
Plant Baby – Jess Koch
Soppressata – Lorette C. Luzajic
Pompeii – V.J. Hamilton
The Old and The New – Andrew Hughes
Riding the Waves – Charline Poirier

ISSUE 28: JANUARY 2021 (10 Stories)
TRANSFERENCE – Ravibala Shenoy
Year of the Insects – Avra Margariti
Mr. Mantis – Jihoon Park
COMPLIMENT – Kelsey Englert
The Hungry – Joe Farley
A Quick Hit of Visio – Tim Seyfert
WRATH – CG Miller
After the Race – Hannah Whiteoak
Chicken and Egg – Yunya Yang
Luck of the Gods – Taylor Rae

ISSUE 27: SEPTEMBER 2020 (11 Stories)
Ian in Glasgow – Madalyn Aslan
Good Samaritan – Bernard Arogyaswamy
To Lure Gavin Back Home – Lisa Fox
DON’T LOOK NOW – Alan Ford
Moving-Out Day – Sudha Balagopal
The Edge – Laurie Ann Doyle
Glub – Diane D. Gillette
Afternoon Tea – Sara L. Godwin
Voldemort Sky – Jerri Jerreat
Monsoon – sid sibo
Funnyman – W. T. Paterson

ISSUE 26: JUNE 2020 (10 Stories)
Portrait of a Young Woman During Quarantine – Darcy Casey
Everything We’ll Die Before We Say – Laura Bailey
Learning – Anthony Keers
The Widow – Rimma Kranet
Joker – Kate Lunn-Pigula
Where Kings Lie – Yongsoo Park
Perdido – David Bassano
Man of the House – Dona McCormack
Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea – Christian McCulloch
Overmatch by Pizza – Cyan James

ISSUE 25: MARCH 2020 (11 Stories)
Michel – Cody Pease
The Crucial Thing – Sue Mell
Turbulence – Phebe Jewell
Cherry Tomatoes – Amy L. Clark
Carbon Horses and Metal Cars – Kara Bernard
Moonlight Sonata – Richard Risemberg
Alice – Nick LeGrand
The Blue Mist – Mandira Pattnaik
Leaving – Quin Yen

ISSUE 24: JANUARY 2020 (12 Stories)
Confrontations – David Galef
Orbital Velocity – Martha Keller
Squeak – Ron Hartley
Fish Heart – Luke Rolfes
Red Pill, Blue Pill – Kenneth Hinegardner
What Used to Feel Like Impact – Michael Clark
Marigold – Meg Pokrass
Neighbors – Marie Anderson
Failure to Thrive – Roberta Beary
Yamada Hanako – Robert Pope
HEAVEN and ANGELS – Warren L. Jones III
A Good Lie is Still a Lie – David C. Metz

ISSUE 23: SEPTEMBER 2019 (15 Stories)
Register 8 – Charles Rafferty
My Children’s Mothers – KJ Hannah Greenberg
He Spoke of Marionettes – Adam Kluger
Invisible – Peter Loftus
Figments of Men – Laurette Folk
The Best Craic Ever – Geraldine McCarthy
Stomach for Two – Steviee Geagan
The Perfect Storm – JC Rammelkamp
HOW WE REMEMBER – Arya F. Jenkins
The Paint Box – Bruce Levine
One Last Lie for Rupert – Blake Johnson
This Lovely Haunting – Ingrid Anders
Rosebud – Pamela J. Picard
Waiting – William Cass
The Man Who Didn’t Laugh at PG Wodehouse – Paul Gray

ISSUE 22: JUNE 2019 (15 Stories)
Here We Are on Planet Earth – Meg Pokrass
(Un)foreseeable Future – Bari Lynn Hein
By the River – Sam Smiley
Canine – Avijit Roy
Veuve Clicquot Rosé – Cheyenne Autry
Mosquito – Julia Gerhardt
The Trumpet Player – Mary Beth Hines
Double Shadow – Jamey Genna
WHY WE DON’T TELL – C.G. Thompson
Soccer Camp – Jeff Nazzaro
Handiwork – Robert Libbey
Sleep Swimming – Will H. Blackwell, Jr.
The Orange Over the Horizon – Jieyan Wang
Alien Editors – Barry Yedvobnick

ISSUE 21: MARCH 2019 (15 Stories)
Grocery Shopping with My Dead Mother – Jodi Freeman
Seventh Inning Stretch – Chuck Augello
Drunk – Niles Reddick
Dumpling Sundays – Tammy Zhu
Through Difficulties to the Stars – Roberta Beary
Yoknapatawpha – Richard Stuecker
Billy – Ben O’Hara
Anniversary – T.D. Johnston
Death Flags – Steve Gergley
Good Time – Elliot Greiner
Awakening – Patience Mackarness
A Complicated Pregnancy – Annette Edwards-Hill
Spelunker – James Cato
Runner’s High – Nancy Bourne
Virginia Slims – David James

ISSUE 20: JANUARY 2019 (15 Stories)
Starlight – Paul Ratner
Aura – Donají Olmedo (translated by Toshiya Kamei)
The Phone Kiosk – Frank Dullaghan
KEEP IT NICE – Salvatore Difalco
The Space Between Us – Lisa Kenway
On Conduct and Character – Sydney Wright
Markets – Chad W. Lutz
Mrs. Hook – Miguel Gardel
Lovies – Charlotte Crowder
Amihan – Christine-Marie Liwag Dixon
Letters at High Tide – Robert Pope
MOST HUMAN – John E. DeLaughter
The Ladder – Riham Adly

ISSUE 19: SEPTEMBER 2018 (14 Stories)
Call St. Mary’s – Lila Rabinovich
Visiting – A. Poythress
Peepers – Stephanie Cotsirilos
The Crab Catcher – Andrew Hughes
Come As You Are – KJ Hannah Greenberg
Cannibal Logic – Donald Zagardo
The Skirt – Susan Margaret Scott
Paralyzed – Fernando Meisenhalter
Under Control – Claire Faugeroux
A Wanted Woman – Paul Beckman
Blue Matrimonio Mojito – Robert Wexelblatt
Come Back, Sheila – B. L. Makiefsky
WAITING FOR HIM – Thomas Genevieve
Thursday Morning – Hillary Jo Foreman

ISSUE 18: JUNE 2018 (15 Stories)
The Wild Birds – Karen Schauber
SOUL OF A BUSKER – Hákon Gunnarsson
Dueling Guitarists – David Evan Krebs
Alchemy – Annie Dawid
A Beginning of Sorts – Sean Murphy
But A Dream – Claire Morgan-Heredia
Man Under – Hannah Stevens
New Day Starting – Brianne Agnizle
Breathless – Paul Luikart
At the Gates of Heaven – Vivek Santhosh
CASTLES OF ICE – Daniel Soule
MATERIALS – Geoffrey Forsyth
Little Blue Shoes – Mary Kane
Sebastian’s Dream – Robert Pope
Home at Last – Kristi Stokes

ISSUE 17: MARCH 2018 (14 Stories)
Something About the Romans – Evan Massey
MAJORCA – Salvatore Difalco
Counting Backwards – Cinthia Ritchie
Berries and Cough Drops – Kara Bernard
THE TIKI CABANA – Minyoung Lee
I Knew Everything, I Knew Nothing – AN Block
American Lit II – Shannon McMahon
Will there be Coco Pops for breakfast? – Gina Headden
Lily Rose – Natalie Evjen
Like Toy Soldiers – Paul Gray
Ending – Gwenda Major
Different – Vanessa Anyanso
HOST – Arya F. Jenkins
Memento Mori – Dara Thomas Higgins

ISSUE 16: JANUARY 2018 (16 Stories)
HIT & RUN – Shoshauna Shy
Old Man With Blue Ball – Craig Loomis
Rue the Whirl – Samuel Buckley
A Comfortable Chair – Noelle Palmer
Gravitas – Doug Hoekstra
Stasis – Artemis Savory
BURNS THE TAR UP – Ryan R. Latini
France – Tom Sanders
The Living Statue – Lenore Weiss
Crow – Geraldine McCarthy
Celibate – Ronan Hession
Bench Mark – Alva Holland
Confession Is Good for the Soul – Damhnait Monaghan
Gourmet Lunch – Sudha Balagopal
The Special – Shawn Cassidy

ISSUE 15: SEPTEMBER 2017 (16 Stories)
Three Summer Flights – Tim Love
Jack-O-Lantern – Russell Reece
Transformations, or Something He Said Last Week – Rosemary Jones
Hayden and Candice Are Drinkers – Dan Nielsen
Gnaw Spencer – K.M. Brown
Truth or Dare – Sarah Clayville
Blue Sea, Wilt Thou Welcome Me? – Ingrid Anders
Time Will Tell – Karen Heslop
A Sinus of the Times – Charles Rammelkamp
It’s Only Words – Fred Vogel
Whelp – Paul Gray
Reservations – Lori Cramer
Ramfeezled – KJ Hannah Greenberg

ISSUE 14: JUNE 2017 (16 Stories)
This Heady Thing Called Love – Linda Ferguson
A Love Story – C.D. White
A bird in a cage – Cath Barton
Felicity – Doug Hoekstra
Boss of the Plains – John B. Mahaffie
Train of Thought – Geraldine McCarthy
Bones and Shells – Teddy Kimathi
Dr. Benson – Sam Smith
Tumors Detected – A. Rooney
Aurea Mortem – Lynne M. Hinkey
Goodbye Already – Paul Beckman
A Foot in the Cradle – Regina Cash-Clark
Anika – Adam Kluger
Summer of Love – Richard Baldasty
The Half-Veil – Catulle Mendès, 1884 (Translated by Patricia Worth ©2017)

ISSUE 13: MARCH 2017 (14 Stories)
Flying Man – Matthew Duffus
Your Name is Harmony – Chellis Ying
Looking for Business – Paul McDonald
By Saturday Night – Jade Wallace
Sand Storm – David Lohrey
So Much Missing, So Much Gone – Mary Saliger
Heaven Street – Nod Ghosh
Solidarity – Peter Jordan
The Heron – Pat Slattery
Nature Studies – Paul Gray
Foo Dog Hiss – Ingrid Anders
Magic – Steve Cook
Vanilla – Amy Braun
Five Under Ten – Stephen Ryan

ISSUE 12: JANUARY 2017 (19 Stories)
The Return – Jamey T. Gallagher
WRONG SHOP – Kirby Olson
Black Against the Blue – Melissa Goode
A Night to Remember – Julija Juchneviciute
Moon Dance – Brittany Ackerman
Brothers – Terry Dalrymple
Surrender – Eric Layer
The Bus – Amanda Gaines
Jackal Hunt – Hamish Filmer
Scum – Gwenda Major
Panhandling Like an Actor – L.B. Davis
Good Morning, Mr. Schmertz – Adam Kluger
Not Enough Time to Stop – Shalom Brilliant
A Golden Hair – KJ Hannah Greenberg
Scissors Paper Rock Bottom – Glen Donaldson
Poetry Olympia – Ian Randall Wilson

ISSUE 11: SEPTEMBER 2016 (20 Stories)
Ernesto – Melissa Hunter Gurney
I’m the Entrepreneur in a Bad Neighborhood – Daniel Aristi
The Watchband – Richard Krause
A Penguin’s Predicament – Fiona McPhillips
Linda Love Less – Shawne E. Steiger
Rehab – KJ Hannah Greenberg
WE HAVE TO TALK – Emil Draitser
An Occurrence at Osceola Avenue – Ran Walker
Congested Traffic on the Third Ring Road
on a Thursday Afternoon in November – Craig Loomis
Unlucky – Gareth Vieira
Bird – Robert T. Krantz
A VEIL OF COBWEBS – Pat Slattery
Rough Finish – Martha Clarkson
A Ride to the Trees Place – V. Joseph Racanelli
Impassable – George Vivian Paul
Coup D’oeil – Taylor Jordan
INTO THE BASEMENT – Robert Garner McBrearty
Sons and Mothers – Sophia Li
World’s Best Grandpa – Karin Britt Gall
Shaking Heaven – Huang Guosheng

ISSUE 10: JUNE 2016 (18 Stories)
White Flowers at Dusk – Jay Merill
Birds – Korana Serdarević
Great White – Jesse Mardian
The Visitor – Frank Possemato
ELVIS TOO – Arya F. Jenkins
You’re the One I Love – Miguel Gardel
Disbelief has always been the theme of my life – Kate LaDew
Heroes etc. – Peter Fraser
HOUSEBROKEN – Ray Morrison
Run Over – Beth Konkoski
Trials of Father Johanon – Mitchell Grabois
Deep River, Iowa – N.J. Campbell
This Has Got to Stop – Paul Beckman
Another Life – D.S. Levy
SURVIVAL – William Masters
The Constellation – Andromeda Chelsea Ruxer
Giddyup, Buttercup – Chris Milam
Something After Frank Stanford – William Doreski

ISSUE 9: MARCH 2016 (17 Stories)
Raphael and His Daughter – Thomas Sanfilip
Garden of the Fugitives – Marcus LiBrizzi
The Silver Smile of the Hatchet – Charles Rafferty
Closeup – Peter Jordan
Sailor’s Lament – Shannon Magee
The Butterfly’s Secret – Erin Clements
Wood People – Howard Sage
Heartbeat – Joshua Isard
Expectancy – Katrina Johnston
It’s Not about Breastfeeding – Ashley Kunsa
Psychiatrist – Alexis Copeland
Young Adult – Charles Rammelkamp
Sin – Jamey T. Gallagher
other side – William O’Hara
59 – Michelle Greer
SEE MONSTER? – Perry McDaid

ISSUE 8: JANUARY 2016 (18 Stories)
A Pain Artist – Leland Neville
Ice and Avalanche – Cari Scribner
Cerise – Nod Ghosh
Harold & June – Kirby Wright
Mascot – Jason Half-Pillow
The Sandwich – Frank Beyer
Depository – Charles Rammelkamp
Saltwater Remedy – Kathryn H. Ross
A Kitten – George Everet Thompson
Edge of Insanity – Pat O’Rourke
A Family Sunday – Paul Sherman
End of the Road – Eileen Herbert-Goodall
Saint Piran’s Well – Barbara Lorna Hudson
The List – Alan Morris
The Sixth Floor – Adam Kluger
Mexican-American Word Salad – Alex Galvez
Old Crow – Ty Spencer Vossler
Time and Associated Fines – Pavelle Wesser

ISSUE 7: SEPTEMBER 2015 (14 Stories)
The Sea in Her Ear – Opal Palmer Adisa
On La Concha Beach – Maurice Cashell
Caníbales – Linda Musita
Supermassive People Hammer – Eugenio Eustace
Coming To a Van Near You – Paul Gray
Beauty’s Heir – Priya Dabak
Air-Born – Eve Merrick-Williams
The Phantom Lover – Nels Hanson
All-Inclusive Vacation for Pessimists – Ashley Memory
LIFE OF NIGHT – Perry McDaid
Following – Jacqueline Masumian
I Don’t Know You Anymore – Greg Jenkins
Undershirt – Karen Levy
Dear Colleagues – Anna O’Brien

ISSUE 6: JUNE 2015 (24 Stories)
Old Jimmy – Young Lee
Country House – Lisa Gordon
Fairness Is Just a Word – Paul Beckman
Aging – Joshua Bohnsack
Oil – Zohar Teshartok
Hallowed Place – Carina McNally
An Incident of Note – Paul Gray
The Sudden Decompression at Waterloo Station – Eugenio Eustace
Tamara’s Wish – Zohar Teshartok
Snowy Mess – Francesca Baker
How Your Daughter Died – Ronnie O’Toole
The Breakout – Charles D. Tarlton
The Third Gender – Camillus John
Floorboards – Tracy Sweeney
After Copernicus – Nels Hanson
Cat – Deirdre McGrath
Lady in Green – Maurice Cashell
Snow – Shevaun Rutherford
Pour le Mérite – Andy Jones
Queue – David J. Wing
Creatives – William O’Hara
Picasso the Wonder Dog – Ty Spencer Vossler
Warmth – Ben Mason

ISSUE 5: MARCH 2015 (22 Stories)
DESERTER – John S. Lewis
Mottled – Holly Bruns
Midnight Spades – David Seaman
Eponymous Ignominy – Glenn A. Bruce
If Only – Sue Katz
Commute – Robert Walton
What Joey Did – Vanessa Christie
Sudoku – Christie Wilson
Silly Gods – James Valvis
The Green of The River – Lee Jared Nadin
A Flash of Colour – Andy Jones
I Gave My Baby Away – Rebecca Kemp
Flip Side – Neil Brosnan
Greetings – Neil McGowan
Priest – Kenneth Nolan
Artificial Light – LB Thomas
There is Honor in Being a Dog – Bruce Costello
Mistakes – Anthony Keers
Carrie’s Secret – Jennifer Brazeau
Life is a Bugger – Ray Clift
The Best Gift in the World – Richard Hansen
I’m Sorry My Meta Analysis of the Proliferating
Rasputin Beard Became a Trope Sandwich of the
Internet – Paul Handley

ISSUE 4: JANUARY 2015 (23 Stories)
Gale – Jemel Wilson
Beer-Bottle Cathedrals – Mir-Yashar Seyedbagheri
Happy Idiots – Mir-Yashar Seyedbagheri
Wooden Bells – Anne Macdonald
Armageddon’s Come – Miryam Sivan
The Present – Adam J. Wolstenholme
Flight – Jonathan Ojanpera
The Voyage – Rose Servitova
Okay is Enough – Tyrean Martinson
The Proposal – Kari Redmond
Another Rejection – Anthony Keers
Seeing Red – Jan FitzGerald
The Gingham Tablecloth – Bruce Costello
Little Red Huddy and the Wolfman – Maurice Cashell
Oldest in the World – Wilson F. Engel, III
H…E…Double Hockey Sticks – Alan D. Harris
A Night for Action – David J. Wing
Tamiami Trail Recitative
One Act Libretto for the Rest of Us – Betty Story
Writer’s Cough – Ed Higgins
In the Ranges – Penny Westhorp
An Indian Folk Tale
(From the Myths and Legends of the Tandoori) – Paul Sherman
Super 19 School Uniform Club – Brian Sheehan
Invasion, Odds Are – Romana Guillotte

ISSUE 3: SEPTEMBER 2014 (20 Stories)
Rumbling over Steel – Ute Carson
Beautifully Made for Each Other – Gene Hines
Sayulita Life – Mark Pearse
CHESTER – Jim Freeze
Becky’s Song – Ann-Marie Lindstrom
Madison, Winter 1985 – Christopher Lowe
Teddy’s Wisdom – Sharon Thompson
Perfect – Grayson Chong
What Our Dreams Do To Love – Mohsin Abbasi
Weddingquake – Bruce Costello
The Girl with Blue Eyes – Ron Woods
The Recidivist – Paula Fusco
Niki-Nicole – Chella Courington
The Thespian and the Prelate – Andy Jones
Alchemy – Lesley Mace
Cast – Jane Swan
Sentry – Jan FitzGerald
The Age of Reason – Phyl Herbert
A Winter’s Tale – Alan Balkema
Two Crazies – Eric R. Widen

ISSUE 2: JUNE 2014 (15 Stories)
Telephone Voice – Margaret Wachtler
You – Madhumita Roy
Three Months Free with Gravity – Renoir Gaither
Human Error – Maurice Cashell
Sweet Justice – Doreen Duffy
Snared – Susan Condon
Unburied Child – Phyl Herbert
Relief of Collon – Andy Jones
My Cat – John Givens
Put the Kettle On – Phyl Herbert
Secret – Rebecca Bartlett
The Estate – Stephen Rea
Seedling – Tyrean Martinson
SOULLESS – Christine Rains
Tightrope Muffins – Dawn Lowe

ISSUE 1: MARCH 2014 (9 Stories)
W E I G H T – Dawn Lowe
THE END – Alan Balkema
Chicken – Serena Molloy
DREAMING – Gerry Moloney
Gambler – Barbara Clinton
HOCUS POCUS – Caroline Hurley
Sunday Service – Alan Balkema
Whiskey Sunset – Dawn Lowe
Hat-Trick – Caroline Hurley