Brilliant Flash Fiction is an online quarterly literary journal established in 2014 by Dawn Lowe and Laurie Scavo. Ed Higgins joined Dawn and Laurie in 2015.

All of our staff members volunteer their time.

In October 2018, Brilliant Flash Fiction became a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization with a five-member board of directors. Contributions made to Brilliant Flash Fiction are tax-deductible under IRS section 170. Donations go toward paying operating expenses.

Submissions are open 365 days a year, and there are no reading fees. Brilliant Flash Fiction welcomes submissions from writers at all levels of experience.

Meet Our Staff:


Dawn Lowe, Editor

Dawn is a retired journalist with a Master’s Degree in English Language Teaching. She has published a series of children’s books with Mutual Publishing in Honolulu, Hawaii, and is former editor-in-chief of the Fence Post magazine based in Colorado. Her self-published fundraising collection of flash and short stories, Parent of Suicide: A Year of Creative Writing, is available at Amazon.

IMG_4690_Ed b&w

Ed Higgins, Assistant Editor

Professor Emeritus and Lifetime Writer in Residence Ed Higgins has been teaching at George Fox University, Oregon, for over four decades. His classes have covered poetry, the modern novel, world literature, science fiction and much more. Officially retired now, he submits and publishes flash fiction and poetry in numerous literary journals. Read more about Ed HERE.


Laurie Scavo, Photographer and Webmaster

Laurie is a photojournalist with a degree in English Literature from Colorado State University. Her extensive background in photography includes regular assignments at Disneyland Dapper Days, and she has captured images of innumerable rock band concerts for the Denver Post and a host of print and online journals.


Kari Redmond, First Reader

Kari Redmond is an online English as a Second Language teacher trainer living in Fort Collins, Colorado. She’s recently completed her second novel, What We Let Go. She is querying her first novel, This Story Takes Place in a Bar. She also writes short stories, flash fiction, and poetry. Her work has been published in The Tulip Tree Review, Rise: An Anthology of Change, Flash! 100 Stories by 100 Authors, and Sunrise Summits, A Poetry Anthology.