Margaret Wachtler

Margaret Wachtler splits her time between Dublin, Ireland, and Ennis, Montana. She came to writing after teaching young children and raising three girls. Currently she is working on a children’s novel set in Montana and “Fifty Stories”, a project she set herself to finish before the end of 2015. She is currently on number fifteen.

Ran Walker
Ran Walker

A native of Mississippi, Ran Walker is a lawyer-turned-writer. He currently serves as Assistant Professor of English and Creative Writing at Hampton University in Virginia.

Wallace, Jade photo
Jade Wallace

Jade Wallace is a legal clinic worker in Toronto, Ontario, whose short stories and poetry have appeared in The Dalhousie Review, The Nashwaak Review, Draft, Feathertale, Poetry Sz, Breakfast in a Day, Pac’n Heat: A Noir Homage To Ms. Pac-Man, and six chapbooks from Grey Borders Books.

Robert Walton
Robert Walton

Robert Walton is a retired teacher and a lifelong mountaineer. He is an experienced writer. Most recently, his Civil War novel Dawn Drums was honored by two awards: first place in the 2014 Arizona Author Association’s literary contest and the New Mexico Book Awards Tony Hillerman Prize for best fiction.

Wang, Jieyan
Jieyan Wang

Jieyan Wang is a fiction writer from northern Idaho. Her work has appeared or is forthcoming in The Bitter Oleander, The Blue Nib, Lilun Magazine, and elsewhere. She is also a reader for Polyphony Literature.

Colin Watts

Colin Watts is 74, married, with grown-up children. He lives in Liverpool. Publications include two poetry collections, assorted short stories and some flash fiction. He cycles everywhere, shares an allotment, co-runs a monthly Story Night and is a long-standing member of the Dead Good Poets Society. Website: www.colinwatts.net, Facebook: Colin Watts, Twitter: Colin Watts @FentimanW

Weiss, Lenore photo
Lenore Weiss

Lenore Weiss is an MFA candidate at San Francisco State University where she is also a teaching assistant. Winner of the Clark-Gross Award (Paul La Farge) and the Robert Browning Dramatic Monologue contest, her poetry has been published in many journals. Books include Cutting Down the Last Tree on Easter Island (West End Press, 2012), Two Places (Kelsay Books, 2014), and The Golem (Hadassa Word Press, 2017). Her blog resides at www.lenoreweiss.com.

Pavelle Wesser
Pavelle Wesser

Pavelle Wesser’s fiction has appeared in various online e-zines and anthologies. Originally a New Yorker, she currently resides in New England where she plays at working, living and travels the cosmos in her dreams (which is where her writing material comes from, of course). Though people have criticized her for using run-on sentences, she has emphatically chosen to ignore them.

Penny Westhorp
Penny Westhorp

From cities by the sea to remote desert aboriginal communities, from childhood to seniority, from singledom to marriage, from professional work to unemployment, Penny Westhorp has assiduously accrued life experience to inform her writing. She has acquired enough now to hope others might be interested in what she writes.

Wexelblatt, Robert
Robert Wexelblatt

Robert Wexelblatt is professor of humanities at Boston University. He has published six fiction collections; two books of essays; a pair of short novels; essays, stories, and poems in a variety of journals; and a novel awarded the Indie Book Awards first prize for fiction.

Annabel White

Annabel White is a regular writer for the independent magazine Sick Love Zine. Her nonfiction has also featured in The Release and Twentyhood, and her fiction in Mslexia. She currently lives in London.

White, C.D. photo
C.D. White

C.D. White resides in the Atlanta area with her family. An educator, C.D. is pursuing a Masters in Reading Education. As a writer she is most interested in probing the delicate and often unspeakable human condition. Tumblr blog: msw2you, email: hepschildren@gmail.com

White, Fred D. photo
Fred White

A professor emeritus of English from Santa Clara University, Fred White enjoys writing across the spectrum of genres, speculative poetry and fiction being among his favorites. Fred’s recent publications include poetry in Analog, Event Horizon, The Cape Rock, and Euphony; fiction in Aphelion, Praxis, Every Day Fiction, and Five 2 One; and non-fiction in Gemini, Southwest Review, and Writer’s Digest. His books include The Writer’s Idea Thesaurus and Where Do You Get Your Ideas? He lives near Sacramento, CA.

Belinda Whitney

Belinda Whitney is a writer of literary, fantasy, and science fiction. Her work appears in Connecticut Muse, Flame Tree Press, and several anthologies including those of the Minnows Literary Group. She holds an NYU Certificate in Screenwriting and is a winner of WriteMovies Screenplay Contest. A Juilliard graduate, she is an in-demand studio and Broadway violinist in New York City. 

Whiteoak, Hannah
Hannah Whiteoak

Hannah Whiteoak is a freelance writer living in Sheffield, UK. Her stories have appeared in Banshee, The Sunlight Press, and Reflex Fiction, as well as various anthologies. Find her online at www.hannahwhiteoak.me or on Twitter @hannahwhiteoak.

Eric R. Widen
Eric R. Widen

Eric Widen currently resides in his humble home in Gloucester City, New Jersey, where he dedicates his free time to reading, exercising, and working on his first full-length fantasy novel, Destorum: The Dawn of Darkness.

Christie Wilson
Christie Wilson

Christie Wilson lives with her husband and daughter in Knoxville, TN. She teaches literature and writing. On the weekends, she pretends that she is still young enough to play soccer without limping the rest of the week.

Ian Randall Wilson

Ian Randall Wilson has published two novellas, Great Things Are Coming (Hollyridge Press 2009) and The Complex (Colony Collapse Press 2015). His fiction has appeared in many journals including The Gettysburg Review and North American Review. He has an MFA in Fiction and in Poetry from Warren Wilson College. By day, he is an executive at Sony Pictures Entertainment.

Jemel Wilson
Jemel Wilson

Jemel Wilson is currently a student at Full Sail University majoring in the Creative Writing for Entertainment degree program. He is interested in writing short fiction and comedic sketches. He also enjoys writing opinion articles and reviewing popular music. Jemel’s future ambitions are to write for magazines and collaborate with other comedic writers for television or films.

Filip Wiltgren

By day, Filip Wiltgren is a mild-mannered communication officer and lecturer. By night, he turns into a frenzied ten-fingered typist, clawing out jagged stories of fantasy and science fiction, found in lairs such as Analog, IGMS, Daily SF, and Nature Futures. His thoughts, email, and stories can be found at www.wiltgren.com.

David J. Wing
David J. Wing

David J. Wing is a graduate of the Napier University Film and Photography degree course. He is currently studying for a Masters in Creative Writing at Anglia Ruskin University, is married, has two dogs, a baby on the way and recently won his first writing competition.

Adam J. Wolstenholme
Adam J. Wolstenholme

Adam Wolstenholme is a former newspaper journalist and now teaches English at a secondary school in the north of England. His stories have been published in the anthology Eating My Words and on the website 1000 Words. He is working on a novel. Read more of his work at adamjwolstenholme.blogspot.co.uk.

Ron Woods
Ron Woods

Ron Woods prefers to write short stories and flash fiction. One story was selected for The Lonely Voice and another was shortlisted for the UCD Anthology 2011. His flash fiction was published in The Irish Times. ‘Paddy’s Will’ was published in the New Irish Writing section of The Irish Independent and he was nominated for a Hennessy Literary Award. ronwoodswriting.blogspot.com

Jonathan Worlde

Jonathan Worlde is the fiction byline of Paul Grussendorf, an attorney representing refugees, whose legal memoir is My Trials: Inside America’s Deportation Factories (available on Amazon). Jonathan Worlde’s neo-noir mystery novel Latex Monkey with Banana won the Hollywood Discovery Award. Paul is a blues performer, stage name Paul the Resonator, whose CD is Soul of a Man.

Worth, Patricia photo
Patricia Worth

Patricia Worth has a Master of Translation Studies from the Australian National University. Her translation of George Sand’s Spiridion was published by SUNY Press in 2015, and short pieces have appeared in Australian, New Caledonian and US journals, including The AALITRA Review, Sillages d’Océanie 2014 and The Brooklyn Rail in Translation.

Kirby Wright
Kirby Wright

Kirby Wright’s plays are making the rounds in New York, Chicago, and San Francisco. He is checking his blood sugar to see if he is normal.

wright, sydney
Sydney Wright

Sydney Wright is a third year MFA candidate in Fiction at the University of Memphis, where she also received her Bachelor of Science in Education for Health and Human Performance. She has recent publications in Adelaide Literary Magazine, and Adelaide Literary Magazine’s Annual Writing Contest.


Yang, Yunya
Yunya Yang

Yunya Yang was born and raised in Central China and moved to the US when she was eighteen. She is an accountant by day and a writer by night. Her work has appeared and is forthcoming in trampset, Heavy Feather Review, and Capsule Stories blog. Find her on Twitter @YangYunya.

Yedvobnick, Barry
Barry Yedvobnick

Barry Yedvobnick is a recently retired Professor of Biology who spent 34 years at Emory University. After doing scientific research and teaching science for so long, it is his long-awaited dream to begin writing science fiction this year. One of his other stories, The Siren Lure, will appear in Night to Dawn Magazine next spring.

Yen, Quin
Quin Yen

Quin Yen resides in Northern California. She works as a physician. In her free time, she enjoys travel, reading and writing.

Ying, Chellis photo
Chellis Ying

Chellis Ying has been published in the Rumpus, LA Times, True Tales of Love and Lust, Best Travel Writing, and Mental Floss. She received her MFA at the University of San Francisco and currently lives on the Central Coast in California, where she is a yoga and writing instructor. www.ChellisYing.com


Zagardo, Donald
Donald Zagardo

Donald Zagardo is a former Professor of Modern History at St. John’s University. He has a life-long passion for literature and writing. In the past few years he has directed his writing efforts toward short stories. He is presently assembling a collection of his own work. Donald lives and writes in New York City. He enjoys international travel and photography.

Zhu, Tammy
Tammy Zhu

Tammy Zhu is a writer living in San Francisco, California. She writes as a way to channel her hyperactive emotions into something productive. When she is not writing, Tammy enjoys singing, painting, and chipping away at racial and gender inequality. She has an uncanny talent for losing everything she owns, so she tries to rent or borrow things instead.

Ifediba Zube

Ifediba Zube writes from the University of Port Harcourt Teaching Hospital Nigeria. When she is not neck deep in clinical postings she is in hiding with a good book. She has been published in Kalahari Review.

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