IMG_5497September Freestyle Writing Contest
No Entry Fee!
Word limit: 600
Deadline: SEPTEMBER 15, 2015
Submissions: email to

50 euro first prize (or equivalent amount in your currency)
25 euro second prize
15 euro third prize


Glenn A. Bruce
Glenn A. Bruce

Contest Judge: Glenn A. Bruce has an MFA in Writing and was associate editor for The Lindenwood Review. He wrote the movie Kickboxer, as well as episodes of Walker: Texas Ranger, Baywatch, and Assaulted Nuts, and is an award-winning video writer-director. His work has appeared in Brilliant Flash Fiction, Shotgun Honey, RedFez, Defenestration (current finalist), Alfie Dog, LLR, Oval, Carolina Mountain Life, Loud Zoo (Bedlam Publishing), The Rain, Party, & Disaster Society, Green Silk Journal, Flights (poetry), and Beat Poets of the Forever Generation (NF). His play A Man’s World has recently been accepted by In/Visible Theatre and his novel Rubric has been optioned by Luculent Films. He has published five novels, two collections of short stories, and one nonfiction political opinion treatise.

Glenn says: We are looking for your most interesting, creative, soulful writing. Take some chances. Move us.

No poetry, please. No erotica or hardcore genre stuff like alien steampunk zombies or speculative transgressive comic noir. Other than that, have fun and surprise us!

You may enter as often as you like. No simultaneous submissions for this contest.

All entries must be original and unpublished elsewhere. This means submissions that have been accepted for publication anywhere else, including anywhere on the internet, blogs, personal web pages, etc., are not eligible. Entries of more than 600 words or entries found to be published anywhere else will be immediately disqualified. Good luck and good writing!

All winning entries (including shortlisted stories) will be published in the September issue of Brilliant Flash Fiction.


  1. i cant enter this as foolishly i posted it on facebook but here it is.
    The Lucky Penny

    “Rats in the dugout, No man’s land rats, rats in corpses, rats in the stew but he was a bit stringy, jus’ my little joke guvnor I mean sah.
    Guns, course they bothers me, but I ‘olds onto me lucky penny an’ every fings alright. Jus’ an old bun penny wot me dad gave me. Gawd I ‘eld it tight during Wipers an’ I’m still ‘ere. ‘Ere it is all shiny like, careful sah you’ll drop it.
    Now, you’ve gone an’ done it!”
    As we scrabbled in the mud at the bottom of the communication trench we failed to find the penny.
    Just then the world exploded.
    “Don’t matter sah, if we’d been a standing that shell would’ve done for the both of us. P’raps it’s me wot’s lucky not the blooming penny.”
    Nice to see you sah I’m sure you’ve got some hofficerin’ to do.
    He sketched a salute.
    As I turned to go he never even heard the sniper

  2. Hi,
    my first time here, two questions, please:

    do you accept submissions as attachments, or in the body of an email?

    Also, do authors retain their copyright?

    Thank you very much,

  3. Hi,
    I’m a little confused about submissions. Can I enter more than one story for the competition, and if so should they be as separate emails and do I need to state that I’m entering twice?

  4. A shame I have already posted my latest funny short story, on my blog! Not really being published, in the formal sense of the word. A pity. But look forward to entering a competition next time.

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